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Fall 2019

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Fall 2019 Theme - The Changing Face of Yoga

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Joanne Preece

Joanne Preece, Editor

Welcome Canadian Yogi reader

This September we're focusing on  how yoga is being transformed as its popularity grows in the West.  Our writers explore how scientific research and technology are influencing modern practice. They also look at how yoga has diversified to accommodate different people with different needs and goals. Often, the question raised is how far these new streams can depart from traditional practice and still remain yoga. Read on to see what our authors have to say and to spark your own thoughts on the changes we're seeing.

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Violet Pasztor Wilson

Welcome Canadian Yogi Reader!

Namaste Everyone! My intention for the reader is to find a comfortable seat and read what Canadian yogis are thinking about in regard to the current status of yoga in the west . I hope you enjoy the articles!

Wishing you a safe and warm holiday season.  See you in 2020!

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Our next publication, Spring 2020 issue goes live March 21. The deadline for writers submission is 

March 1, 2020.  

Stay tuned (here) for our next issue's theme — coming soon! 

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