New Cycles and Understandings

Greetings from the Heart

By Marian McNair CYA-RYT200

Our world is changing on a daily basis. We live inside a body that is shifting and changing all the time. We’ve lived inside youthful bodies and experienced changes with age. Our constant shifts naturally bring about new cycles and understandings. If we look and listen, we know our world is constantly changing and so are our attitudes and perceptions.

Being on a yogic, spiritual path allows us to look more deeply within and try to make sense of a chaotic world. Don’t you think the world has always been this way? Every time we have tried to birth new ideas and bring about changes we have undergone transformation both internally and externally. We are still changing. We are living in shifting sands, wobbling vortexes and troubled times. How do we find a way to help where it is needed?

When we stand on our yoga mat in Tadasana we embody the mountain as strong winds howl around us like chaotic thoughts. We choose to center our mind by allowing the attributes of stability to manifest in our teaching and practice of yoga. We are challenged to make the same postures new in the understanding and execution of each pose. We vitalize our breath and start anew.

Isn’t the breath a wonderful place to start each day? We breath automatically and by consciously bringing our awareness to the breath we can help turn a tumultuous night into a brave new day just by breathing! What a tool and gift to give others who may be experiencing anxiety and depression. Teaching others to honor the breath within is teaching others about the gift of life.

Our world is undergoing serious shifts and changes from weather to politics and everything in between. How do we take this raw energy in our bodies and use it for good? How do we make our practice meaningful for ourselves and others? How can one person doing yoga create change?

My favorite way to change an environment is with the vibrational sounds of crystal bowls and voice. I offer my classes a heart filled sound meditation at the end of each class as well as vibrational healing sound meditation classes for stress reduction. The whole environment changes to a place of harmony. People need peace. Sound offers peace in a wordless and powerful way. Our cells vibrate and our frequency shifts. We change.

Every day we are different than the day before. When we practice mindful walking, breathing and eating, our understandings and perceptions shift. When students walk into our classroom, we can help them with stress. We can enjoy time together and make our environment a focused, safe space. This is a way we can help more people with the craziness of the world. Our classroom becomes an island of understanding and peace.

When we allow ourselves the space to be centered and vitally alive with our breath and attention, we offer the gift of groundless stability to others. Our very presence creates changes and these changes affect others. It’s just like a ripple in a pond of water. 

Movement creates change. Relationships can move and shift. When we bring our intentions in alignment with who we are, and our ability to speak honestly and openly, we become authentic change. Our world needs our strength and authenticity. Our yoga mat can help bring those around us, and in our classes, stability in an ever-changing world.

Marian McNair

Marian McNair