Change and Growth

Change is Important for Growth

 By Karin Moir CYA-RYT200

"Change is important for growth and growth allows us to change." 

A world in constant change. That is our world and our lives. Acceptance is key.
Through the many imbalances — dark/light, yin/yang, cold/hot, good/bad — there comes balance for, without each of these, one would not know the other. I would not know dark if I didn't have light and I wouldn't know cold if I didn't know hot. Yoga helps us reconcile these imbalances. 

 As a yogi, I get myself to balance all of these imbalances and try to guide others to do the same through a connection to themselves, one that works for them personally. This is done through an open mind and being ready for the incredible change yoga can give your life.

 Through our own examples of being the change we want to see in the world, that is our activism at large. Being the example of peace, kindness and leading from the heart is the best yogi there is.

Karin Moir

Karin Moir