Be The Change you want to see in the World!

Be the Change

By Juliana Lavell CYA-E-RYT500

How can we inspire change in humanity?

Begin by inspiring yourself. Take a sober look at all areas of your life and make a choice to clear away what no longer serves and re-calibrate yourself towards what does. Set boundaries and open your heart where needed. We must take inventory of our lives periodically to till the soil and make way for our fresh seeds of intention. Your ability to serve others will depend on your ability to connect with your best self. This takes courage and commitment to embrace the shadow aspects of ourselves and transform those uncomfortable bits with love and compassion. 

Where can we start? With stillness, deep breaths and an open heart to sense the wise voice of your soul. Trust that your soul is mysteriously dancing with the collective soul of humanity and the cosmos, this voice is the sound current of creation — the vibration propagates nature. 

Embrace that there are many ways to effect change. Each person, culture, race, socio-economic standpoint and gender will have their unique perspective and issue to address. I personally feel inspired to end homophobia and racism and to teach women to love their bodies, to make emotions safe for men again, to live in harmony with our planet and respect her as a living and breathing entity. To honour the earth’s vital resources by using them rationally, with reverence and care. To not misuse, rape and abuse the earth or animals for the sake of profit.

It is time to redefine success. To take a fresh look at why we are here and be 100% awake to how we spend our time. To choose work that will expand our hearts and widen our compassion, to live in service to our souls calling and what lights us up.

To serve humanity is to recognize ourselves as part of the whole. Yoga means unity, wholeness, to yolk or come together. 

Our yoga poses are like empty jackets without consciousness weaving through them. It appears that we are separate here but, in terms of our vital life force energy, we are connected to each other and all of creation. Where there is suffering on the planet, we are bound to experience this on some level within ourselves. We may not understand where it is coming from, but the collective depression, anxiety, escapism of addictions and neurotic behaviour (such as body dysmorphia or obsessive-compulsive disorder etc.) are bound to be experienced by the individual, perhaps as a form of pressure or stress. 

When we truly immerse ourselves in the practice of yoga, we become attuned and sensitive to humanity and the planet as a whole. Many are called to serve through karmic actions, realizing that as they serve others through love they are contributing to the equilibrium of wellness and happiness of the whole. To ease the suffering of the individual is to ease the suffering of the collective. 

The unified field is love — Albert Einstein

From an astrological perspective we have transitioned from the Piscean Age and are now in the Aquarian Age. In the Piscean Age, everyone lived in a more selfish way, as if they were isolated individuals. We focused more on our careers, making a name for ourselves, and pursuing security and power. In the Piscean Age, our appearances were more important, so people wore a lot of masks — it was easier to wear one face on the outside but be a completely different person on the inside. Spirituality was sought after in the Piscean Age, but was mainly housed within dogmatic and patriarchal religions.

In the Aquarian Age, we are becoming aware of our interconnection. People can’t hide behind their personas any longer and are tired of wearing masks and trying to connect through their facades. Connections that were fake and inauthentic will fall away. The Aquarian Age has inspired a heart centered connection. 

We cannot dump pollutants into our earth anymore because there are no more hiding places. Our plastic and garbage (all evidence of our over consumption which is fueled by our fear-based need to accumulate stuff or surround everything in plastic). The Aquarian Age makes it obvious that our interior space relates very directly to our exterior space. Our actions affect not only us but also the entire network of human beings and environments around the world. 

The Aquarian Age calls us to develop spiritual vitality, endurance, clarity of character, the capacity to forgive, the ability to process our emotions and the willingness to surrender to do so. We must continue to grow and change through life because it demands it of us; we need flexibility both mentally and physically.

The Aquarian Sutras:

Recognize that the other person is you.

There is a way through every block.

When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.

Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.

Vibrate the Cosmos; the Cosmos shall clear the path.

Be a courageous advocate when you feel inspired to do so. Shed your masks. Surrender your emotions back to the earth regularly. Just as the rain falls we need tears, we need joy radiant like the sun, miraculous like rainbows and even our wrath like raging storms that clear away the old paradigms. 

Gone are the times of dogma — I am right and you are wrong. Cue the era of unity consciousness — we are all in this together, let’s cooperate. Gone are the times of competition; cue the season of collaboration. Gone are the times of pedestal worship. Recognize the guru is in each of us and all of creation. It is time to wake up and listen deep — the great mystery is calling, it whispers in the wind, nudges your soul when the sun lights your face, cleanses you with the rains and leaves you in awe with every passing sunrise, sunset and shooting star. 

We are all just walking each-other home. — Ram Dass

Take radical responsibility for your own divine alignment. Nurture your freedom to act in ways that align you with the infinite field of pure potential that is love. How do we do this? We act in service to love, we forgive so we can be met by the truth that is who we are. 

Recognize that the state of your inner being is more powerful than your actions. Actions made from an aligned inner being are rooted in love consciousness. To love doesn’t mean you are a doormat, it means you set boundaries, like a cup must have walls in order to be filled, in order for it to collect and spill over to others, the boundaries must be set. 

We then trust that there is a greater intelligence working through us and nurture an intimate relationship with it. This greater intelligence is the love we were born from and what we will return to. 

Juliana Lavell

Juliana Lavell