Finding Balance

By Ashley Bergeron CYA-RYT200

Today’s world has been designed for the consumer. For better or for worse, profit seems to be more important than human life or any life form for that matter. 

Many of us have tried to find the balance within society. But it can be difficult to find discipline in a world that brands everything. And I confess, yoga is no exception. In most cases yoga is used for the greater good. It has helped so many people in ways such as improving physical or mental health. But I fear people are losing sight of what yoga is all about. You don’t need fancy attire or to be really flexible to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

One of the key elements of yoga is discipline. Discipline within and outside the body. Finding contentment where you are and living fully in the present. Not to say asana isn’t important, it plays a huge role, yet a deep back bend does not make or break your yoga practice. To be a yogi is to be present and to honour your body, heart and soul. Balance on the mat is just as important as having balance within.

Start by taking a deep breath in, exhale and let go of anything that does not serve you or our precious planet. Ask yourself, what do you actually “need”, and what do you “want”? What can you live without? Often, a lot of the stuff we think we “need” is not a necessity but a luxury. We may deserve to treat ourselves but to what extent? Are we losing sight of the simple pleasures in life? Are we missing all the miracles we take for granted every day, such as breathing in clean oxygen or feeling the sunlight on our faces? Both are free and, yet, we often take it all for granted. We are constantly searching for happiness outside ourselves when the answer is found within and sometimes on the mat.

You don’t have to be a yogi to help our planet. You can recycle, use glass instead of plastic. Reuse or donate household items. Or you can try cutting back on meat or other animal products. Take time to listen and honour your heart. Find your balance and together we can help restore balance to our beautiful planet. 

Ashley Bergeron

Ashley Bergeron