Yoga in a Time of Challenge

A Pebble in the Pond

By Darlene Romanko CYA-RYT200

How does yoga help in times of challenge? One way to look at this question is to look within ourselves. A healthy individual contributes to a healthy community. Healthy communities contribute to healthy countries and so on. My yoga practice contributes to my health and well-being so I can assist others on their journey. 

I remember being in a class where troubling world events, disasters and inequity were discussed. We attempted to focus on how each of us responds to these issues. Working an 8-hr. day, volunteering in the evening and running children to their activities, I wondered how I — one tired mother, daughter and spouse — could possibly make a difference in this world. 

Our minds can create powerful positive and negative influences in ourselves and in others. Do my thoughts, words and deeds create suffering or lessen it? Where do my motivations lie? Would I approach an issue with anger, blame and righteousness? Alternately, would I approach it with compassion, joy and wisdom? I decided on the alternate path. 

The pond was all around me. Accepting that challenging issues are part of the human condition, I decided my path would focus on lessening suffering where and when I saw it. My best attempts are enough. Gathering pebbles and inviting others to gather their pebbles, we toss them into the ponds together, freeing them to sink into the depths while watching the ripple effect grow into waves.

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Darlene Romanko

Darlene Romanko